Planus offers the widest range of boxes for the automatic transfer of gray water.


All boxes are equipped with an automatic recovery system with Venturi effect and a pump with anti-cavitation, both solutions with original Planus patent

Planus has patented the Venturi ejector self-restoring system which allows automatic compensation of the inevitable small air leaks to the automatic activation control systems by means of a pressure switch. In this way, the operating parameters of the product remain constant over time and the air leaks do not allow water to reach and damage the electrical components. Planus has patented the anti-cavitation vent system that allows the perfect priming of the centrifugal pump. In this way, the transfer unit guarantees the highest discharging performance and silence.


Each model is available in various voltages.


 PRO-LIFT range


The original PLANUS models of the Pro-Lift series, made of 316 stainless steel, are submersible with IP67 protection and available with integrated level sensor